Converting Lead with Apex In Salesforce

Hi Guys !!! Salesforce has given numerous functionality that we can use in the Standard way and get our job done but still, there are many areas in which we need to customize to achieve certain goals. So today I am going to discuss one of such functionality that is Converting Lead through Apex. At … Continue reading Converting Lead with Apex In Salesforce

Creating / Refreshing a Sandbox from Production

To create/refresh a sandbox user should have “Modify all Permission”. Sandbox can only be created from Production. The Option is available under Data Management in Production. There is a limit of Sandbox creation, as per the Licenses available in the organization. There are 4 types of Sandboxes in Salesforce: Developer Sandbox Developer Pro Sandbox Full Copy Sandbox Partial … Continue reading Creating / Refreshing a Sandbox from Production


There’s an excitement every year of the newness that dreamforce brings. So this year it began with newly-revamped AppExchange and Trailhead. With the beginning of Dreamforce, Salesforce Introduced myTrailhead which will help Reinventing Learning For Every Trailblazer With myTrailhead, Salesforce is extending the Trailhead platform to enable companies to customize the learning environment with their … Continue reading myTrailhead