Helpful Google Chrome Extensions for Salesforce Developers and Admin

Hi Everyone !!!!

Today I am going to discuss some of the helpful Google Chrome Extensions that are valuable for both Admin and Devs.

  1. Salesforce Simulator: This is a great tool to train new users on how to use the Salesforce1 mobile app. The extension creates a virtual version of the Salesforce1 app that can be displayed on a phone, tablet or a laptop. We can also open Salesforce1 mobile version in the browser directly using URL, however, it will not re-size itself as per mobile screen automatically.
  2.  Salesforce Apex Class Links: This tool helps to link the class to one another. It comes very handy at the time of debugging which decreases
  3. Salesforce Navigator: This tool helps in Navigating around Salesforce Object.  Just type in what you need to do and the extension shows you how to get to it.
  4. Salesforce advanced Code searcher: This extension is used to search Apex classes, Visualforce Page, Visualforce Component, Triggers, Custom Objects, Email template, Static Resource, Validation Rule, and Workflow. And also used it to find where a field is used, perhaps once you want to retrieve.
  5.  Salesforce ChangeSet Helper: This helps in getting various filters for the ChangeSet. Changeset with filters for Last modified date / Last modified User / Components related to Object and Getting all the component in the single page are some key features of this extensions. 
  6. Salesforce Code coverage Calculator: For Test class Coverage we always move to Developer console to check which part is covered and which is not. With this extension, we can check out the covered part of a class in Green color and Uncovered part in Red.
  7. Enhanced Formula Editor: This gives the enhancement to your formula code screen a proper alignment. Although this has no extra features except the screen/ vision enhancement, still I love this extension for its readability.

So these are some google extensions that I prefer while working on Salesforce. Please let me know if you know some awesome Extensions.



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