Setting Up VS- Code For LWC

With LWC, Coming to picture Salesforce has now officially introduced VS Code as IDE for development of Lightning Web Components.

First we need to install the Visual Studio Code from the link. If you already have Visual Studio Code installed, there’s no need to reinstall it.

After all installation is done . We need to install Salesforce CLI which is used by Local System to communicate with Salesforce Org. You can download the appropriate version according to your needs.

You need to have Java files installed in the system to run Salesforce CLI. You need to have JDK and JRE files. You can download the files from here. After you download the JDK and JRE Files you need to set up both System and user environment variables.

After all this basic configuration done , Launch VS-Code . Now its time to make your VS Code ready for the development. You need to install some extensions.

Few Extensions that you need to install to make your work easy are:

  1. Salesforce Extension Pack.
  2. Salesforce Package.xml Generator Extension for VS Code
  3. Force Code (Optional)

Now your VS Code is ready to use it for Salesforce.

For an Example project and setting up a project you can refer a trailhead module here.

Please feel free to contact in case of any help you need in setting of VS- Code you can contact me here.

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