Top 5 Features of Spring 20

Today , I am going to share top 5 features of Salesforce Spring 20 release which i liked and seems to have increased efficiency to great extent.

  1. Mobile: Customized Mobile Experiences and the New Salesforce Mobile App

So with the new Salesforce mobile app, Mobile Publisher gets custom notifications, deep linking, and other key features admins can use to customize the mobile experience for users. Admins have more power than ever to create mobile experiences that delight users and ease their workload across devices with components optimized for mobile. Salesforce users get a unified experience working across desktop and mobile, no matter how or where they work.

2. Deployment: New Change Set Components

Deployment is always a spotlight for the users who still use native change set functionality . New components are available for change sets. New addition for the change set family are CMS Custom Content Types,Platform Event Channel Member

3. Objects and Fields: More Installed Objects and a Field’s References

Salesforce has now raised the previous limit of 2500 to 3000 custom objects. In case of Custom field, we can now use “Where is this used?” feature in reports , previously only available for apex, formula fields, layouts and etc.

4.Remove a File from a Record Without Deleting It Everywhere

Previously, a file owner could delete a file from Files home or a record using row-level actions. But this method also removed the file from all records and posts where it was attached. Now you can easily remove the file from a record without also removing it from other records, posts, or Files home. The only thing required is collaborator Access to file.On the record’s Files related list, choose Remove from Record from the row-level action menu. This is enabled by default in all orgs.

5.Set Record Page Component Visibility Rules Based on Device

For components on record pages, you can now show or hide a standard or custom component on a record page based on the device it’s viewed on.

I would request everyone to go through the release notes and blog and let me know the feedback .

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