Key Take Aways Trailheadx 20

Trailheadx is annual developer event for Salesforce, where they celebrate , bring up new product level announcement and let customer , vendors , developers, student meet at one place and blaze trails together .

In this blog , i will be highlighting key announcements made in the first time virtual held event.

Code Builder:

Welcome to Code builder, which is web based development tool fully optimized for salesforce development powered by Microsoft visual studio. Its full online version of Visual code that will run on browser and will support all kind of salesforce development including Lightning Web Components.This will have option for Apex debugging and running Query as well.

Key Info : This will be probably available in BETA version in this year DreamForce .

Devops Center:

Salesforce idea behind coming up with Devops Center is to provide Release Management feature natively within Salesforce which has Version control capabilities. This will deliver a roubust solution for both admin and developers natively in salesforce.

Key Info :This will be mostly live in Mid 2021.

Security Command Center:

This was one of the key announcement made at TDX 20 which will provide a single view of your security, privacy , and govererance across all of your salesforce orgs. You will be able to view helath check scores and user login metrics in single view.

Key Info : This is already in Beta and will be available by Winter 21.

Salesforce Anywhere:

With Salesforce anywhere , you will have flexibility to work from anywhere, Sell from anywhere , Service anywhere, Market from anywhere, Collaborate from anywhere (Chat Alerts, comments and video built directly into salesforce) Work from anywhere(Build Manage and scale employee Apps), Send and receive information from anywhere. With Trailhead Go and Einstein recommendation you can skill up from anywhere.

Key Info : Beta in July and will be GA by 4th Quarter of 2020.

Salesforce Functions:

It is a service that lets developers write code that integrates with their date and events on the salesforce platform , and run it on demand in server less environment. This will empowers development teams to focus on while delivering apps and business logic fast, instead of managing infrastructure.

Key Info : This is already in Pilot. As of now Salesforce has not any information on GA.

Safe Navigation:

Say bye bye to null check and Say Hello to Safe Navigation operator.

Other Miscellaneous Info :

Salesforce is pushing towards enhancing capabilities of flow. They are now coming up with Auto Flow layout,Collection Actions in Flow.

Raise in Limits : Batches in Bulk API. There will be daily rolling limit of 15k Batch and there were couple of more limit enhancement done.

Writing a query to fetch all the data is going to be more simpler than ever with SELECT FIELDS(All) FROM Account (Query all the fields Standard and Custom Field from Object) and SELECT Id, FIELDS(Custom) FROM Account ( query only all the Custom fields in Object ).

Aura, visual force, Salesforce Classic are not going anywhere . No deprecation for any of them in near future.

There was a lot of buzz around Einstein OCR (where they show cased reading text from Image and etc.), Einstein Search

Einstein OCR
Einstein Search

A lot is on roadmap for Apex shown in below picture .

A new certification was announced Pre TDX 20 : Javascript Developer I which will include one Online Exam just like any other Certification exam and then one Lightning Web Component Superbadge. Visit trailhead for more info.

There was lot going on different channels . These are something that i could take part /note of . I would really love to hear more from you guys what were your key take aways from the event.

Image Source: Trailheadx Presentation Slides and Trailhead

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