Field Service Lightning in Salesforce Part 2

In this blog post we will explain you how to Install and Activate the Field service lightning app in the Salesforce .

There are two steps :

  1. Activate the FSL Setting in the Org
  2. Installation of Managed Package.

Activate the FSL Setting in the Org:


  1. From Setup, enter Field Service Settings in the Quick Find box, then select Field Service Settings.
  2. Enable Field Service Lightning, and click Save to display more settings.
  3. Incase you need to change additional settings , you can change it from the new page that you can see now. You can turn Push notification ON from here for below changes:
  • A text or file post is added
  • A tracked field is updated
  • The record owner changes
  • The resource assignments change on a related service appointment

4. And after all changes are made, you can click on Save.

This will activate the Field service Lightning in your org.


Field Service Lightning a.k.a FSL, core features, managed package, and mobile app are available in EnterprisePerformanceUnlimited, and Developer Editions. Work orders are also available in Professional Edition.

Steps :

  1. Click the installation link on the download page: can install the managed package on a production or sandbox org.
  2. Select Install for Admins Only.
  3. On Next page you will be asked to give access to street-level routing and optimization services to function. Click Yes and Continue.
  4. If a message indicates that the installation is taking longer than expected, click Done.You’ll receive an email notification after the installation is complete.

After Reading both the Activate the FSL and Install FSL part in the blog , there would be one question in the mind what is the difference between both .

  1. Dispatcher Console (the screen used for scheduling ) is not available only with managed package .
  2. Global Actions such as “Book an Appointment” & “Candidates” are available only if Managed Package is installed.
  3. Community user will not be able to use the power of FSL without managed package .
  4. No Automation on the Service Appointment status change with activating the FSL in theOrg .

So only object are present when you enable / activate the FSL in the org.

Please have a read and let me know the feedbacks so that i can improve the upcoming blog accordingly .

Happy Reading !!!!!!!

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