Custom Notification through Apex

Hi Everyone !!! Today i am going to discuss one of the feature that is recently in winter 21. As i had previously discussed using custom notification from Process builder and Flows. You can read the blog from here if not read already. So lets discuss the how can we use custom notification using apex … Continue reading Custom Notification through Apex

Object Relationship in Salesforce

What are Objects in Salesforce?Objects are database tables that allow us to store data specific to the organization in salesforce. There are 2 types of Object i.e. Standard Object and Custom Object. What is Object Relationship?Create relationships to link objects with each other, so that when users view records, they can also see related data. … Continue reading Object Relationship in Salesforce

@AuraEnabled Apex Recent Changes

With winter release round the corner and applied to lot of sandbox, a common functionality that lot of the people are facing issue with Apex class having @AuraEnabled method are failing. Previously when we used to write any aura enabled method we need not provide the access to particular profile to run the functionality. But … Continue reading @AuraEnabled Apex Recent Changes

Field Service Lightning in Salesforce Part 2

In this blog post we will explain you how to Install and Activate the Field service lightning app in the Salesforce . There are two steps : Activate the FSL Setting in the Org Installation of Managed Package. Activate the FSL Setting in the Org: Steps: From Setup, enterĀ Field Service SettingsĀ in the Quick Find box, … Continue reading Field Service Lightning in Salesforce Part 2